Lol, the interviewer had asked the girls to say, as quickly as possible, the last song they listened to on their mp3 players. Tiffany answered right away, Sooyoung did as well, but then Jessica sat there for like a minute trying to remember what she listened to. Eventually she just went with How Great Is Your Love. Her expression was priceless for me. lol.



  • "Jessica noona said she wants to make cakes for every fans birthday if it’s possible - Shinee’s Taemin
  • "I feel very grateful to Jessica unnie, she told me how to control my feelings" - Seohyun
  • "She has an amazing voice and many talents" - Psy
  • "Jessica is fun, It’s nice to talk with her" - Super junior’s Eunhyuk
  • "Being cold is something I must always have. to protect SNSD" - Jessica
  • "People say she’s cold, so she’s gained the nickname " ice princess" , she actually very kind and not strong" - Tiffany

                 Happy birthday to Jessica (18/04/1989 - 18/04/2014 )